BY Harlow Chan / The New York Pulse / January 12


PEORIA—It’s been five weeks since the city of Peoria, Oklahoma was hit with a disastrous earthquake, and two weeks since it saw a brutal act of super-powered, corporate vandalism, perpetrated by The Black Heroes. Now, comes word that Tim Snyder: a prominent employee of the Blue Skies Hydraulic Fracturing Company, may have lost his life during the attack.

“We’re still considering this a missing persons’ case,” said Heston Burke, the Ottawa County chief of police, “But it seems increasingly likely that Mr. Snyder died in the conflagration.” Of course, “the conflagration” refers to the numerous methane gas fires, which ignited the night that Obsidian Black and Opal Stone attacked a Blue Skies operated fracking field. The motivation behind the attack seems to stem from the Heroes’ public allegations of an Android presence underneath the field and a subsequent denial of access to the area in question. Rumors abound that this attack was retaliatory, and a blatant disregard for the rule of law. Another rumor, in support of the Heroes’ assertion, claims that a large object was found at the site, and subsequently removed from the grounds.

When asked about these rumors, Chief Burke was insistent.

“Look, I was there. There were no Androids. The Blacks showed up, smashed up the field, and left. In the process, we lost Mr. Snyder.”

Blue Skies wouldn’t grant us an interview about their missing drilling manager, but released the following public statement:

“We here at Blue Skies treat all of our employees as family. Tim Snyder is family, and we pray for his speedy return. Furthermore, we will not feed into the current libelous atmosphere, or discuss any pending legal actions until the Black Heroes’ whereabouts have been determined.”

This statement may be in reference to the recent announcement by Vitruvius, that it would seek both criminal and civil charges against the controversial “heroes.” The Manhattan District Attorney has yet to announce whether or not he will pursue any charges in that case, but an arrest seems more likely when this recent violent incident is considered.

But, as the Blue Skies statement alluded, you can’t arrest someone unless you know where they are—and the Black Heroes couldn’t be harder to find. Since their disappearance two weeks ago, there have only been unsubstantiated sightings of the Heroes, all around the globe. More troubling, perhaps, is the location where most of the reports have been concentrated: Beijing’s Financial Street. Housing China’s central bank (PBOC), and a myriad of foreign investors, Financial Street has quickly become the heart of Chinese finance, which makes it the heart of finance in the Eastern world.

So, yeah, if the Black Heroes (arguably the most dangerous people on Earth, and certainly not above the use of violence) are circling the skies over tomorrow’s non-American Wall Street, you can bet that important people everywhere are shouting at each other behind locked doors. Even the world’s strongest economy cannot prosper in such a fearful atmosphere.

But for the family of Tim Snyder, the threat is more blood and bone than dollars and cents.

“The Blacks shook the whole world,” recounted Snyder’s five-year-old son, Billy, “It shook and my daddy never came home.”

A lot of people here can sympathize with little Billy. They sympathize, and they pray for a peaceful resolution.